Healthy Food

Healthy Food

Benefits of fish

Being in good health condition requires eating healthy and nutritious food. Many would say that you need to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, which is true indeed. However, we cannot forget fish, which is a great source of healthy nutrients.


kitchen-1422272_640Fish is an excellent source of proteins, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, and many people that care about their nutrition prefer fish in it. It is rich in calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, sulfur, fluorine, cobalt and copper, which all are important components for our health, and sea fish if especially enriched with precious iodine. When it is about vitamins, fish is rich in vitamins A, B, D and E, and it is also much easier to digest than other animal meat. It also reduces the production of uric acid, which eases digestion and it doesn’t poison your body.

Friend of your heart

Fish protects your heart and blood vessels. It has been pointed out recently that most important component of fish is omega3 fatty acids, which are charged for the health of heart and blood vessels, and also for prevention of heart attack and stroke. Fish oil also increases HDL and reduces the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Maintains bone health

Recent studies pointed out that older people who prefer fish on the menu have preserved bone density, and they are on the minimal risk of developing osteoporosis. Credit for such benefits comes from omega3 fatty acids.

Prevents cancer

It is proven that orderly using of fish in nutrition reduces the risk of colon cancer, reproductive organs, and rectal cancer. But, the experts also reported that cooking fish on high temperatures, such as on barbecue or in hot oil, can make a counter effect and salmon-932915_1280increase the risk of cancer because carcinogens are released at that temperature.

Healthy eyesight

Studies have shown that regular intake of omega3 fatty acids from fish prevents diseases that lead to progressive loss of vision.

Lack of attention

It is also proven that fish prevents hyperactivity. Science researches shown that attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity in children occur much less in cases when the mother during pregnancy was eating fish orderly. Anyway, it is suggested to keep in mind that some fish species contains mercury, so it is advised to consume small fish species.

Which fish is the healthiest?

maties-948364_1280River fish is poorer than sea fish when we speak about omega3 fatty acids. But, there are some species of river fish that are very healthy and good sources of these beneficial nutrients, such as trout and carp, and also catfish and crayfish. It is advised to intake less fat fish, such as trout and perch. And for the sea fish, the most omega3 fatty acids can be found in herring, salmon, mackerel, sturgeon, tuna, sardines, etc.

Canned tuna?

tuna-439755_1280We must say something about this because there are many speculations about canned fish and its nutrient value. The truth is that tuna fish is enriched by mercury, so it is not advised to consume it often, but it is also a very good choice for omega3 injection on the go because canned food is very practical in this fast living times.

Is this fish fresh?

When you buy frozen fish, it is important to notice that there are no many ice crystals on it. But, when it comes to fresh fish, it is a bit harder to determine if it is fresh or not. The first sight of expired fish is the smell because fresh fish is neutral and pleasant. Eyes of fresh fish are bright and normal, unlike expired fish, which eyes are inflamed and blurred. The gills should be red and moist and not dry, sticky and greyish-brown, and the skin has to be moist intact and shiny, and the scaly must be lying to the body.

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